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Lens Implant Options

Changing lens implants within the eye is potentially problematic, and so it is important to carefully consider the lens implant options prior to surgery.

Toric Lens 

Toric lens implants are used to correct or reduce astigmatism at the time of cataract or lens replacement surgeries, and hence increase degrees of independence from glasses. 


These are the most commonly used lens implant type.  They have one point of optimal focus so you could use this type of lens implant to see in the distance, but then you will need glasses to see up close.  Alternatively you could have a monofocal lens implant aiming for reading vision, and then use glasses to see in the distance.

Extended Depth of Focus

These lens implants aim to give more intermediate and potentially near vision without needing glasses.  There is an increased risk of glare and / or halos around bright lights with theses lenses though such side-effects are rarely a longterm problem.


These lenses split the light coming into the eye aiming so that you can see distance, intermediate and up close without glasses.  They are used to give the highest chance of distance and reading vision without glasses.  They have increased risks though of glare and halos around bright lights and some people can not drive at night because of such side-effects.  One of my patients has kindly written a description about his experience with a form of multifocal lens (Tecnis Synergy).

Multifocal Experience
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